Rob Baltus

My Roots

I was born 1966 in Heerlen (The Netherlands). I grew up in a small town called Beek, 10 km north of Maastricht. At the age of 12 I started playing the euphonium at the local fanfare band.
At that time I thought singing was silly…

Education / Professional Career

I studied Technical Computer Science in Heerlen and graduated 1989. In 1990 I started working in Koblenz (D) as a software developer and thought I would move back to The Netherlands after a few years. Today I still live and work in Germany (near Bonn) as an expert for business agility. Over the last couple of years I fortunately had the time to occasionally work in The Netherlands again, doing process assessments at large civil engineering infrastructure projects.

Musical Career

Although I considered studying music, I did not. I still play the euphonium, mainly in this fantastic orchestra: The Limburgs Fanfare Orkest but also in the Rheinische Bläserphilharmonie. And I started to sing when I joined a choir in the nineties in Cologne, mainly for the reason of getting to know people. Now I am a proud member of the Bonner Jazzchor which is one of Germany's finest a cappella pop and jazz choirs. I play the piano at a low/intermediate level and started learning to play the guitar in 2014. I also wrote some songs myself, but at the moment I want to still keep them for myself…